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  • australia_post_certified

    Australia Post certified

    DataSan approved by Australia Post in accordance with the Address Matching Approval System (AMAS).

  • real_time_validation

    Real–time validations

    DataSan validates Australian and New Zealand addresses in real-time at the point of entry and is easy to integrate. Upon validation, a DPID is provided.

    DataSan not only matches physical address but also non-physical addresses such as PO Boxes. This can be further enriched by geo-location data.

  • batch_data_cleansing

    Batch data cleansing

    Clean large batches of addresses by matching them against the Australia Post address database. Upon validation, a DPID is provided.

    DPID is short for delivery point identifier. Every valid address in Australia is assigned a DPID by Australia Post.

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    Integrates with

    DataSan integrates with both Salesforce Lightning and Salesforce Classic.

    It is designed to work concurrently with both interfaces and allows seamless switching between the interfaces without any compromises in features or functionality.

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  • reduce_keystrokes

    Reduce key strokes, save time

    With each keystroke entered in the address field, a predictive list of candidate addresses are displayed.

    DataSan uses a high-performance search algorithm to narrow down matches after each keystroke and allows the end user to simply select the right address from a drop down list.

  • abn_lookup

    ABN & company name lookup

    The ABN & company name lookup service verifies ABN numbers and company names against Australian Business Register to validate them.

  • security


    All communication between DataSan servers and any client is secured and encrypted using the same technology as online banking.

    There is 24×7 monitoring with business continuity and disaster recovery plans which are tested independently.

  • DPID_icon


    DPID is short for delivery point identifier. Every valid address in Australia is assigned a DPID by Australia Post.

    DPIDs allow for bulk mail discounts and can be used for de-duping data and householding of customer data.

  • misspellings_icon

    No more misspellings

    DataSan provides valid matches as you type which can be selected, eliminating most common misspellings.

  • transparent_pricing

    Transparent pricing

    Pay as you go pricing without complex pricing structure.

  • mobile_devices

    Use it on mobile devices

    DataSan is optimised for millisecond response times, making it an effortless experience on 3G devices.

    DataSan is built and hosted using cloud computing technologies. The service can be scaled up easily to meet demand.

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As of 21 February 2019, DataSan has been rebranded as Harmony RightAddress for SalesforceVisit Harmony RightAddress